Jemez Pueblo, Storyteller, POTCF8-13

Storyteller clay figure by Chris Fragua from Jemez Pueblo, NM. This hand formed figure measures  12.5 inches tall and is 5 inches wide at the shoulders. 
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  • Chris Fragua was born in 1943 and learned the art of pottery making from his mother and grandmother.  Chris digs the clay from around the Jemez area, hand forms the figures and fires them outdoors in the traditional way when the weather permits.  Chris's favorite subjects today are animals like cats,dogs and bears, and they are shown with love, respect and often times with humor.  The featured sculpture is a grandmother storyteller with her 6 grandchildren and a few pieces of pottery, one with the design on a bird on it. The storyteller depicts the tradition of oral history sharing and singing.