Hopi Basket - Medium Plaited Ring, CBSS8-04


4" H

14" diameter

46" around rim

Condition: Good

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  • This is a plaited ring basket of the Hopis and most other Pueblo tribes, are the oldest kind of basket in the Southwest. They first emerge around Basketmaker III (Ca A.D 500) and haven't change much at all. They were used by the Anasazi for nearly 15 centuries without any modifications. This type of basket was popular because they are simple, easy to make and materials are abundant. First the center strips of yucca leaves are gathered, soaked and form a hatch work of yucca strips that are laid flat. Lastly, the flat hatch work is pushed into a sumac circular rod. The basketmaker then steps on the mat and pulls the ring upward to create the round and shallow bowl. The edges can be trimmed, bent over rod and fastened by twining two yucca cords. Now after the basket has dried it can be used for many things; sifting, holding piki bread and dry storage. This basket is a medium size and is well executed with little damage. The weaver has incorporated their own creative line design in the basket. Its a fine basket to add to your collection.