Earrings - Silver Post By Selena Warner, JSWE-150


Silver Post Earrings By Selena Warner.  Measures 1 7/8" Long.

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  • Selena Warner is a Navajo Silversmith from Gallup, New Mexico. She has been perfecting her craft for nearly twenty years. Her favorite projects to work on are multi colored necklaces and multi stone earrings which incorporate Spiny Oyster Shell and various types of Turquoise stones.

    Selena taught herself how to shape stones and has been shaping her own Spiny Oyster Shell and Turquoise stones for many years. She also incorporates the old fashioned Navajo silversmithing techniques into her jewelry. She learned many techniques from her father-in-law, Master Jeweler Harry Morgan, and applies his methods of silversmithing to her work.

    Selena’s jewelry looks as though it could have been made sixty years ago. She uses the finest Natural Turquoise and other stones. Much of her work is made with Sterling Silver that she rolls herself. Her work is noted for the satin finish she puts on every piece to give it an antique look.