Beatien Yazz Painting - "Mounted Man Leading Colt" in Watercolor, COASIB15-03


30" L

23.5" W

- measurements include frame

- glass over the painting

Condition: Good

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  • Beatien Yazz, Little No Shirt (Jimmy Todd) was born in 1928 on the Navajo Reservation. The Lippencott's, traders at the Wide Ruins Trading Post encourage young Yazz by providing available scraps of paper and supplies to practice in color. Yazz was also part, Alberta Hannum's book, "Spin a Silver Dollar" and "Paint the Wind" illustrations. Yazz served in the U.S. Marines in WW II and was part of the Navajo Code Talkers. After the war he returned to the reservation and began to paint reservation life. This painting is of a Elder Navajo man on horse leading a colt. It has bold lines with bold colors against a white background. It is in good shape with a signature on the bottom. A beautiful painting to add to your collection.