Lewis, Stephen

Although a native of New Mexico, Stephen was drawn to the beauty of Colorado, and has taken residence with his family in Durango. The mountains, forests and wildlife are a constant source of inspiration for his work, and provide the ideal setting for working with one of nature's most wonderful gifts, wood. Stephen has a love of wood, from the common domestic hardwoods to the exotic woods from around the globe.

Stephen's vessels are crafted from hundreds of individual pieces of wood, often of different species. They are made hollow and very near to their intended shape before they are brought tot he lathe, rather than hollowed out on the lathe fro a single block of wood. They require far more time to create than traditional one-piece turnings, but involve wonderful resource is an important element in Stephen's work. Even the smallest pieces of wood, which most wood workers would find useless, find their way into his projects.

The individual pieces that form a vessel can be fitted together in so many ways that the possibilities are endless. Every vessel Stephen creates is a unique statement that is never repeated. It is this always new dialogue between Stephen and the wood that he finds both satisfying and sustaining. When other enjoy his work, the process is even more rewarding.

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