Acoma Pottery - Grace Chino, CPOTWEC12-15


Grace Chino

6" H

8" diameter

Condition: Good

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  • Grace Chino (active 1950s-1994) was a daughter of potter Marie Z. Chino and a sister of Carrie Chino Charlie and Rose Chino. The Chino family are very creative in adapting the designs found on prehistoric pottery shards to modern pottery forms. The designs that Grace makes are meticulous and flow from the top to the bottom. The pottery she uses are made with the coil and scrap method of hand building. Grace has won numerous awards for her pottery at Santa Fe Indian Market. 

    This large seed pot has eight symbols/elements on the top of the pot. The line work that surround those elements are repeating an fill the top of the pot. It resonates with a Mimbres pot but with some contemporary aspects. It is signed: 8-9-1992. This pot has some mud that has been smeared onto the pot. It has a bit of fading but not too obvious. It is still in good shape with no cracks. An elegant pot to add to your collection.