Zia Pueblo Painting - Clown Dancer by Rafael Medina, COASW19-31


24" L

18" W

-measurements include frame

-glass over painting

-gouache paint

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  • Rafael Medina was born in the Zia Pueblo in 1929. His Zia name is, Tee-ya-cha-na. He studied at Albuquerque under Velino Herrara and Jose Rey Toledo. His painting are traditional ceremonies, figures, and scenes. He used water based paints,  caseins which is a milk based paint and scratch boards. The paintings he made are very detailed in costume, hairstyles, and  ritual paraphernalia (Tanner, pg. 158). 

    Zia Pueblo painting of a clown dancer by Rafael Medina. The clown has sprigs around his neck. Also he is holding yucca strips and a gourd. The detail in the clothing and color is amazing yet subtle. It is well balanced with space and placement of the pottery on the bottom. A stunning piece to add to your collection.


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