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Wupamo Kachina - Chester Poleyestewa, KCP18-05


Wupamo Katsina

Chester Poleyestewa.

13" T by 3" W (at body)

9.5" W at feathers


  • Chester Poleyestewa has been making katsinas since he was a young boy. He makes them in traditional style and uses all natural ingredients for his paints.This is a wupamo (long billed) kachina which can be both a chief and a guard. He serves as a guard during the bean dance and other secret ceremonies. During the Powamua he can be seen patrolling and moving along onlookers. He can also cure rheumatism by striking with yucca whip in areas that are affected on the body. This is a handcrafted and unique kachina to add to your collection.