White Chin Kachina - Chester Poleyestewa, KCP13-01


White Chin Kachina. 

Chester Poleyestewa.

10 1/2" L by 3 1/2" W

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  • Chester Poleyestewa has been making katsinas since he was a young boy. He makes them in traditional style and uses all natural ingredients for his paints. White chin (Tuma-uyi) is a old kachina that isn't seen too often in recent years. When this kachina did appear he was in the Powamu (bean dance) ceremony that is usually held around February. The white mark on his chin is a clay called kaolin that is used to coat kachina dolls. It is also used for healing and pottery making. The purpose of this kachina has been lost over the years. Although the goal for all the katsinas and ceremonies is to bring rain and fertility. This is a magnificent piece to add to your collection to keep this tradition alive.