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Crystal Area & Vegetal Weavings

Licensed in 1896, J. B. Moore opened the Crystal Trading Post located on the west side of the Chuska Mountains. He originated designs (with Turkish and Mediterranean influence) that he thought would appeal to eastern buyers, improved the wool and encouraged quality weaving. In 1903 and 1911 he published mail-order catalogs, and soon his rugs were known all over the country. The early Crystal rug was designed with crosses, diamonds, Greek frets, whirling logs (only thought of after World War II as "swastikas") and arrows. Often red aniline dye was used and, less often, blue outlines. The modern crystal is borderless, composed of vegetal dyes, earth tones and subtle touches of green, blue and maroon. Since the tones are pleasing and patterns simple, this is one of the most functional Navajo rugs for home decorating.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)