Wall Sculpture - Ceremonial Shield by Charlie Pratt, COAJRR18-02

A Metal Wall Sculpture, "Ceremonial Shield", Ca. 1982. 

Artist, Charlie Pratt.

Measures 29 Inches Tall x 20 Inches Wide. 

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  • A wall sculpture shield by Charlie Pratt from 1982. This piece is made primarily of brass with some copper accents on the feathers. It has turquoise, Mother of Pearl and jet inlay. The shield measures 16 1/4 in diameter, from the top of the shield to the bottom of the feathers is 29 inches and at the widest it is 20 inches. The buffalo skull is mosaic inlaid with mother of pearl and jet and the medicine pouch is accented with 4 eagle feathers. This one of a kind sculpture comes with the original paper work attached to the back and has a date on the letter of 1982.