Vintage Navajo Weaving Christmas Stocking, Ben Leroux, ACBEL17-03


This stocking is a creation of talented rug restorer, Ben Leroux! And measures 17" from the opening of the stocking to the bottom.

We just received a new shipment of stockings from Ben. Each is unique, and there are too many to add to the website. If you don't see one you like on the site, call us at 970-247-8277 and we'll send you photos of others!

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  • Ben is entrusted with many Navajo, Southwestern and Native American textiles to clean, restore and repair by many collectors, museums and dealers. This Navajo rug style stocking was created from an old Navajo weaving that had been passed down through the years and has served its purpose of keeping folks happy but now it is time to recycle the piece into something new and beautiful. The cuff at the top is slim and attached you will find black and white native print material. The stocking is left fairly plain for the simple fact that you can always add your own embellishments.