Vintage Beaded Turtle - Amulet, ACRB9-20


Turtle Amulet.

Plains Indian Bead Work. 

6" L by 3.25" W

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  • This is a beaded turtle that is refered to as 'keya' in the Lakota tribes. The 'keya' represents the guardian of life, longevity and fortitude. An amulet in the shape of a 'keya' is made for every newborn baby in many families. A part of the umbilical cord from the child is placed inside the 'keya' and tied to the cradleboard. It protects the newborn from harmful bacteria. Also is used as a learning tool. It is put away until the child becomes an adult and can be worn on a costume or ceremonial dress. This beaded turtle (keya) has some wear on the bottom but is still intact. A handcrafted piece to add to your collection.