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Sandpainting - Sunface Kachina by Kevin Silversmith, COAMBG13-01


Sandpainting of Sunface Kachina

Kevin Silversmith

18.5" L

18.25" W


  • Sandpaintings originate from Navajo ceremonies. The medicine man builds a sandpainting and places the patient in the middle of it. To aid in the healing process, sand from the painting is rubbed over certain parts of the patient's body. When the ceremony is over, the sandpainting is destroyed, thereby destroying the illness. Colors used are made from many different sources such as colored rocks, roots, flowers, sand, bark, ashes and cactus. The Navajo symbol of healing is now appreciated as a work of art. This sandpainting was made by Kevin Silversmith. He has done multiple verstions like this with a kachina, animals, and pottery with a desert landscape. This is a beautiful piece to add to your collection.