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Set - Necklace, "Gayle's Ride" & Earrings by Kristen Wilson & Robert Kaniatobe, JTOHN19-06


A set that includes a necklace and earrings.

Kristen Wilson & Robert Kaniatobe

Necklace - 22" L 


  • This is a a rainbow web necklace that is called, "Gayle's Ride". The horse fetish is hand carved by Robert using 50,000 year old fossil from a walrus ivory. The necklace is designed by Kristen and she uses various materials. The necklace includes ancient Mali clay and ancient agate, shell, bone, brass, copper and sterling silver. Also, the beads are antique glass venetian and Czechoslavian  trade beads that include early molded glass dated around 1600s.The rings are used to symbolize continuity in the universe.