Santa Clara Pottery- Wedding Vase by Mary Cain & Christina Naranjo, CPOTRMG12-7


12.5" H

6" diameter

9" at widest (top)

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  • Christina Naranjo is the daughter to Sarafina and Geronimo Tafoya. She was born in 1891 and passed in 1980. Some of the pieces she made were polished and carved blackware water jars, bowls, wedding vases, candlesticks, engagement baskets and her favorite design is the kiva steps( Schaaf, pg.60). Mary Cain is the daughter of Christina Naranjo. She is also know as, Blue Rain. She was born in 1915 and passed in 2010. She was taught by her mother and grandmother, Sarafina. Some of her pots include carved blackware and redware bowls, jar,  wedding vases and her favorite designs to make were the bearpaw and Avanyu serpent(Schaaf, pg. 14) Mary Cain and Christina Naranjo collaborated a lot and this is one of those pieces. 

    Mary talks about how her grandmother would talk about pottery making when she was very small but as she got older she began to love it and how it made her feel. She picked it up with her mother and continued to work with her. This is a Santa Clara wedding vase by Mary Cain and Christina Naranjo. This has the deep incised Avanyu serpent. This vase is has minor scuffing that is barely visible. There are no cracks or other damages to this vase. An elegant vase to add to you collection or to give as a gift.

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