Santa Clara Pottery- Mida Tafoya, CPOTJAF14-35


11.5" H

5.5" at opening

9" diameter

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  • Mida Tafoya was born in 1931 and comes from a long line of Santa Clara pottery makers. She is the granddaughter of Jose Geronimo and Sara Fina Gtierrez Tafoya. Her aunt is Margaret Tafoya and uncle is Camilo Tafoya. She is the daughter of Christaina Naranjo. She began to make pottery in 1945 and made carved blackware jars, bowls and wedding vases(Schaaf, pg. 119). She enjoys making pottery and working with Mother Earth. She mentions in an interview in Dillingham's book, "Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery",  about how her mother taught her how to speak to the clay and shape it.(pg. 231). She passed her knowledge down to her family. 

    A Mida Tafoya pot that has the bear claw on front and back of pot. The bear claw is was used by her grandmother, Sarafina and can be seen on her pots. This pot has minor scuffing but there are no cracks or other damages to this pot. It has the signature on the bottom of the pot. A classic Santa Clara pot to add to your collection.


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