Santa Clara Pottery - Margaret & Luther Gutierrez, CPOTSW19-12


Wedding Vase

10.5" H

4" at opening

21" around vase (widest)

Condition: Good

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  • Margaret Gutierrez and Luther Gutierrez were brother and sister from Santa Clara Pueblo, NM. They collaborated in making polychrome style of painting which they learned from their parents; Lela and Van Gutierrez. Their slips are unique in color and in combinations. A lot of the designs they make are centered on the Avanyu (water serpent), rain, clouds, and lightning and sky bands. In the 1970s they began to create non traditional pottery of caricatures of animals and smaller figurines. After Luther died, Margaret continued to make pottery with the assistance of Luther's daughter Pauline. Unfortunately, Pauline died shortly after. Margaret now works with her great-niece Stephanie Naranjo. This is a wedding vase that has a intricate design that is the same on the front and the back of the vase.  The vase has thick walls and is made very strong. It is in good condition. The inside has indentions from being smoothed when the clay was wet. Also a piece of charcoal is visible from the firing. A beautiful wedding vase to add to your collection.