Sandra Okuma Painting- Luiseno and Shoshone-Bannock, COAWIK19-01


15.5" L

12.25" W

-measurements include frame.

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  • Sandra Okuma descends from the Luiseno and Shoshone-Bannock tribes. The Luiseno are a Native American tribe that lived along the coastal area of Southern California which is around Los Angeles and San Diego. The first contacts were with the Spanish in the 16th century and named by the Spanish because of their location. There are six bands of Luiseno tribes with reservations in Southern California. Sandra lives on the La Jolla reservation of Luiseno and that is where her father who is Luiseno Native grew up. Sandra's mother is from the Shoshone-Bannock which first was a Northern Paiute tribe. They are located in northern Nevada, southeastern Oregon, western Wyoming and southern Idaho. They reservation falls in Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho where Sandra traveled to see her mother as well.

    Sandra was a self taught artist. She picked up beading, drawing and sewing. She went to school for commercial art at L.A. Tech then later she worked for Universal Studios and MCA Records. She met her husband an auto mechanic of Okinawan descent and had Jamie Okuma. They returned to the reservation so her daughter could be around her family and culture. Sandra began to paint again and entered shows like Red Cloud Indian Art Show in Pine Ridge SD, the Heard Museum and Santa Fe Indian Market. 

    This painting is of a young girl wearing Shoshone wear. She is adorned in shells, furs, beadwork and an amazing backrground. This painting has very fine detail and the colors are brilliant. A beautiful painting to add to your collection.


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