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Sandpainting by Eugene Baatsoslani Joe, CACLAT17-02


Sandpainting of Still life

Eugene Baatsoslanie Joe

23.75" L X29.5" W - measurements include frame


  • Eugene Baatsoslani Joe was born in Shiprock N.M. He attended boarding school in 1957. He became interested in art when he came across a horse drawing. His father James Joe began to experiment with sand paintings and soonafter Eugene joined him. The controversy of sandpainting followed them everywhere especially with Navajo medicine men. They stayed away from traditional symbols instead they created still life, landscapes, and portraits.  They collected sand all across the country and did demonstrations. He learned about shading and making 3D effects from a man named Donald Esley from Maine in the mid-1970s. In 2000 James Joe died at the age of 90. Eugene continued to make sandpaintings and won many awards. These days he mostly concentrates on his family and teaching art in Shiprock. This sandpainting is of Pueblo pieces since he is part Pueblo. It is in good standing and has no flaws. It is signed with the year 1977. A beautiful piece to add to your collection.