San Ildefonso Pottery - Juanita Wo-peen Gonzales, CPOTKEH17-06


5.75" diameter

3" H

3.75" opening

Condition: Good

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  • Juanita Gonzales, Taos Pueblo married into San Ildefonso Pueblo. She made carved, black-on-black and redware jars, bowls, plates, polished blackware wedding vases, carved canteens, figures: turtles and frogs. She sometimes collaborated with her husband, Loius and signed with him. Juanita learned pottery making from Rose Gonzales, the wife of Robert Gonzales, brother of Juanita's husband. Rose taught Juanita and her daughter Adelphia Maritinez. Juanita and Rose attended three shows, Indian Market, the NM ST Fair and Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts and Crafts Show. Later Juanita shared a booth with her daughter, Adelphia martinez. This pot has deep incisions and thick walls which makes it very sturdy. Its in good condition and no damage. A handcrafted pot to add to your collection.