San Ildefonso Large Plate by Marie and Santana, CPOTROH17-10


2.5" tall

11" diameter

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  • Maria Poveka Martinez was the master potter of San Ildefonso in her time. She is famous for her black on black pottery and has passed this tradition down to her family members and anyone willing to learn. She starts by digging her own clay and firing it outside under animal manure to achieve the black color. This plate can be dated anywhere around 1943-1954 when she worked alongside Santana, her daughter in-law. It is rumored that Santana descended from a Navajo that was found in a cave after a raiding party. Santana made her own pottery and learned how to make designs from Julian, Maria's husband. Santana married Adam(Maria's son) and they helped Maria prepare the clay. This plate has seen several decades and has some scuffing on the inside of the plate. The form is solid and has no definite cracks in the plate. A historical plate to add to your collection.