Robert Chee Painting - Blessing Father Sky and Mother Earth, COAMBG12-15



22.5" L

17.25" W

Condition: Good no repairs

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  • Robert Chee is a Navajo and was 34 when he died. He is known for his 2D paintings in the style of Dorothy Dunn. He became widely known through a coloring book that was published by Tucson Indian art dealer Mark Bahti in 1977. He was also in the military from 1958-1961 and painted murals in Army buildings in Germany during that time. He attended Brigham in Utah and studied under Allan Houser, the famous Apache artist.  He painted a lot of traditional Navajo paintings. He frequently used dark backgrounds on his paintings and often used gold paint. This painting is of Father Sky (with the stars in center) and mother earth (with the plants as center). It originally comes from a sand painting design that is used in healing ceremonies like the fire dance and Yei bi chai. It is used in blessings and chants. A fine painting to add to your collection.