Pottery - Small San Ildefonso Pot by Blue Corn, CPOTNAD22-01

A small San Ildefonso pot.

Blue Corn (Crucita Gonzales Calabaza, 1921-1999)

3" D X 1 3/4" H

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  • A small San Ildefonso pot by Blue Corn (Crucita Gonzales Calabaza, 1921-1999). She was born Crucita Gonzales but later married and became Crucita Calabaza.This pot measures 3 inches in diameter and 1 3/4 inches in height. Blue Corn is well known for the revival of polychrome pots. She has made some blackware. She was encouraged to make pottery at a young age. This pot has no cracks but a some minor fading in the paint. It is signed on the bottom.