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Pottery - Seed Jar, CPOTJOB19-15


Judy M. Lewis Acoma Seed Jar - Kokopelli Design - Polychrome.

Measures 2" x 1 3/4".


  • Judy Lewis was born into Acoma Pueblo in 1966 and has been making pottery since 1986. Her primary mentor in learning to make pottery was her sister, Marilyn Ray Lewis.

    Judy is a member of one of the two non-related Lewis families at Acoma Pueblo: the Lucy Lewis family is the more well known dynasty­ while the descendants of Katherine Lewis (Marilyn Ray, Rebecca Lucario, Bernard and Sharon Lewis, Carolyn Concho, Diane Lewis and Judy Lewis) have been responsible for some of the most innovative pottery to be produced at Acoma. 

    Judy's hand-pinched and hand-coiled contemporary shapes are accented with traditional Acoma designs and natural pigments in a crisp pastel coloration. Natural clay tends to be very white in the Acoma area and that gives her finished pieces a radiance in itself.

    Over the years Judy has won numerous awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show.

    Judy signs her work: "Judy Lewis, Acoma, N.M."