Plains Indian Parfleche Bag, CACSW19-46


23.5" L

11" W

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  • Parfleche storage bags were used by Plain Indian tribes to carry personal items. It was mostly made by women but over time became a shared task. The hide can be used from animals such as; deer, elk and buffalo. The hide is stretched out and scraped for a consistent surface. Next the piece is applied with cactus juice or animal glue to protect the hide before it is painted. Before 1890s plant based paints were used to create magnificent geometric patterns. These days not so much but water based paints with glue added in some cases. The parfleche after completion has a stiff and hard surface. There are ways to make it soft and flexible. This piece has some smearing and some wear. It is dated around 1920s and is in good shape. A handcrafted piece to add to your collection.