Painting - "Descending of the Female Rain", by Anthony Emerson Chee, COALNH14-01

An original painting, "Descending of the Female rain".

Anthony Emerson Chee

41 1/2" X 35"

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  • An original painting, "Descending of the female rain", by Anthony Emerson Chee. This painting has horses  in the background in shades of the sunrise. There are four Navajo women on horseback riding at dawn. This lifestyle was part of everyday life on the Navajo reservation for many Navajo women at this time. A time when Navajo weaving was the main source of income. The Navajo woman were innovation and gave tribute for the income they received from their weaving. The back describes the meaning of a loom to the Navajos. A piece that reflects the life and ideals of Navajo people. A colorful and significant painting to add to your home decor.