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"Nurtured by Prayer" small pendent by Joe Cajero, JACPE18-03


-1" W on pendent

-18" on leather string

-clasp closure


  • Joe Cajero was born in 1970 in Sant Fe, NM and raised in the Pueblo Jemez. He is a descendent of a long line of artists. He knew at a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in art. He thought he was going to follow in his father's steps as a painter. Until one day his mother gave him a piece of clay to work with. He began by making a bear that sold immediately. Later he attended the American Indian Art school in Santa Fe after high school. He continued to work with clay which lead him to work with bronze. He married Althea Cajero and inspired her to pursue a career as a silversmith. Joe is always looking for new ideas in different mediums. This is a casted piece made in silver sterling on a leather string with a clasp closure. A beautiful piece to add to your collection.