Necklace - Squash Blossom with Green Turquoise, CJBAN19-01

A Squash blossom necklace with green Turquoise.

30" L

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  • A squash blossom necklace with green Turquoise. This necklace has fifteen gorgeous green Turquoise stones. They are held with a flat bezel which is seen in a lot of older pieces. The silver that makes up the beads are heavy and made of coin silver. Each coin was rolled out and reshaped for the silver pearls. It  makes it a little heavier than the average squash blossom necklace. The naja is simple but has thick silver wire that may be 12 gauge. The overall piece has a nice patina from age. It has handmade hook for closure. This beauty can be dated around 1920s or 1930s.