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Navajo Weaving - 1938 Wide Ruins, C007479


Navajo Weaving Wide Ruin Trading Post Style.

Unknown Weaver ca 1938.

Measures 49.5 Inches by 55 Inches. 


  • This early Wide Ruin textile was purchased from the Chinle Trading Post in 1938 by Sallie Wagner Lippincott.  Lippincott (1913-2006) purchased the Wide Ruins Trading Post in the late 1930's with her husband.  She influenced the banded style of Navajo weaving and taught vegetal dying processes to the Navajo weavers in the area.  This blanket is natural dark brown, warm grays, indigo blue, and 3 different shades of coral orange.  Measures close to 4 by 4.5 feet in size and the condition is great.