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Navajo Weaving - Tree of Life by Tabita Bitah, C006931


Tree of Life.

 By Tabita Bitah.

 Measures 37 by 80 inches.


  • Spectacular Tree of Life with a unique color scheme and design.  Tabita Bitah is a young innovative who is crating very unique Pictorial style weavings. She titles her weavings like a painting and her fresh approach to her traditional art form is noteworthy.  She has created a dramatic effect with the dark brown wool background, the two sunflower stalks emerging from a deep red Mesa and the vine border completes the textile.  This charming textile has so much character.  The sunflowers have eyes that watch over the birds, butterflies and bees that are flying around them. The hand spun wool is churro wool except yellow mustard and the blue is indigo dyed.