Navajo Tapestry Sandpainting - Ruby Manuelito, C007584

Navajo Tapestry Sandpainting "Whirling Log"  Rug by Ruby Manuelito. 

Ruby is a Blue Ribbon weaver known for her finely spun wool and intricate details.

 Ruby is Hastiin Klahs niece. Hastiin was the first weaver to ever create a Navajo Sandpainting rug.

 Measures 30.5 by 33 inches.

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  • Navajo weaving tapestry Sandpainting by Ruby Manuelito. There are two schools of ceremonial blanket-makers -those who endeavor to make each rug a perfect replica of a sand-painting and so avoid the anger of the gods, and those who purposely change the details of the design in order to escape the curse. The members of the first school are medicine-men, or their women relatives, who perform elaborate ceremonies to placate the gods. The others are modern weavers who have cast off in large measure the ancient beliefs. For the average Navajo there is a curse attached to the making of a sand-painting blanket and even today weavers will hire a Medicine Man to do a protective ceremony for them and the weaving. Measures 30.5 by 33 inches.