Navajo Weaving - Storm Pattern, C004721

Navajo Weaving Storm Pattern.

Unknown Weaver.

 Measures 39 by 57 Inches.

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  • Navajo weaving Storm pattern in greys, white and black. Originally this pattern was created by JB Moore around 1920's. Weavers today differ in their interpretation of the motifs and layout. Some say that maybe the center symbolizes a Navajo hogan, a lake, or the center of the universe; with thunder and lightening radiating out to the corner elements of the four sacred mountains, the four winds, or the four cardinal directions. The zigzag lines are usually called lightning lines or whirling logs. The designs at both ends are called water bugs or pinon beetles. These are generalized and interpretations vary from weaver or trader. Measures 39 by 57 inches.