Navajo Sandpainting Rug - Sarah Charley, C007606

"Coyote Stealing Fire", Sandpainting Weaving.

Woven by Sarah Charley. 

Measures 32 inches by 47 inches.

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  • "Coyote Stealing Fire" is depicted in this Sandpainting weaving by Sarah Charley. Coyote Stealing Fire is a Native legend that is told by many Native tribes, here is part of the Navajo version. "From the fire symbol, a red line leads to Coyote, who is shown bringing to First Man and First Woman, the fire which he stole from the sleeping Hashjeshjin. First Man is sitting near his round black house, dressed in checked garments. First Woman is dressed in brown - the color of the earth. The fire is shown in the door of their hogan. In the section with Coyote, the white moon is shown, with a rainbow and constellation of stars. In the fourth part of the painting is an eagle over a rainbow and the blue symbol of the sun. Stars and constellations occur in all four quarters of the painting." Measures 32 inches by 47 inches.