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Navajo Weaving - Runner, C007501


Navajo Runner Two Grey Hills Weaving.

Weaver Rose Blue Eyes Ca. 1990's.

Measures 12 by 48 Inches. 


  • Rose Blue Eyes is from the Toadlena / Two Grey Hills area and she started weaving in the 1980's. "Rose is a master weaver and experienced demonstrator. Her paternal grandmother, Elsie Lewis, taught Rose how to weave." taken from Gregory Shaff's  American Indian Textiles published in 2001.  This textile has an A and B side, as it must have been displayed in a light area.  One side is slightly lighter in the natural browns than the other side.   The black and grey which are aniline dyed are the same shade on both sides.  Finely hand spun wool and an intricately detailed design make this a visually beautiful textile in an unusual size.  Measures one foot wide by 4 feet long.