Navajo Weaving - Ceremonial Pictorial by Isabel John, C007467

Ceremonial Pictorial Navajo Weaving.

Woven by Isabel John.

Measures 39" X 68".

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  • A Navajo pictorial of a puberty ceremony by Isabel John from Many Farms, AZ. This weaving has hand spun and mill spun natural and aniline dyed wool. It has nine warps and thirty-six wefts (doubled) per inch. It was purchased from Toh-Atin Gallery, Durango, CO, on November 11, 1992. A beautiful weaving with intricate detail showing the surroundings of the weavers home.  The weaving has a Navajo hogan structure with livestock grazing in the background and Isabel's signature clouds in the blue sky.  The family is preparing a traditional underground cake for the "Coming of Age" ceremony.  A young girl that is becoming a woman is what the ceremony and gathering is held for.  This textile is a window into the world and culture of the Navajo people and is beautifully executed.