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Navajo Weaving - Ganado, C005107


Navajo weaving Ganado.

 Medicine Man Anthony Tallboy. 

 Measures 37.5 by 58.5 inches.


  • Navajo weaving Ganado style by Medicine Man Anthony Tallboy. Anthony is a Navajo medicine man and also one of the best male weavers on the reservation. He lives at Rock Point, Arizona, north of Canyon de Chelly. Anthony has performed ceremonies for many Navajo soldiers before they have left for the Middle East and he has done purifying ceremonies for them when they have returned. Weaving is something like a meditation for him, a place where he goes to recharge his batteries. We are always pleased when Anthony calls us and says he has a rug ready and is coming up to Toh-Atin. Measures 37.5 by 58.5 inches.