Navajo Weaving-Four in One-C005765

Navajo weaving with all hand spun wool in vegetal dyes by Sabina Yazzie. This beautifully detailed weaving measures 54 by 72 inches. 
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  • Sabina Yazzie has woven this very detailed "Four in One" weaving that features a Rainbow Yei pattern rug, two Burntwater style rugs and a Teec Nos Pos pattern rug.  The wool is finely spun and the variations of pastel and natural colors that Sabina has achieved is very sophisticated.  It takes a certain level of expertise to weave multiple rug patterns into one piece and then on top of that Sabina has finely spun the wool that she had dyed with plants and assorted vegetals to achieve a great variety of soft pastel colors. Amazing.  This is truly a masterful work of art by a very talented weaver.