Navajo Weaving - Burnham & Teec Nos Pos by Nellie Bitsui, C007453

A Navajo Burnham & Teec Nos Pos weaving.

Woven by Nellie Bitsui.

Measures 42 1/2" x 71".

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  • A Navajo Burnham and Teec Nos Pos weaving by Nellie Bitsui. It has commercially processed and aniline dyed wool. This weaving has ten warps and forty wefts (doubled) per inch. It was purchased at the Rug Auction, Crownpoint, NM, on December 16, 1994. This weaving has a Teec Nos Pos border with intricate details in the center. There are two Kokopelli flute players facing each other in the center. A beautiful weaving that can be used for wall decor or a floor piece if desired. 

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