Navajo Weaving - Burnham "Miss Navajo Pageant" by Helen Begay, C007428

A Navajo Burnham Weaving, "Miss Navajo Pageant".

Helen Begay

41" X 24"

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  • A Navajo Burnham weaving, "Miss Navajo Pageant" by Helen Begay. This weaving has handspun wool, natural and aniline dyed black, beige, grey, white, brown, Ganado red, turquoise, yellow brown(flesh), bluish gray and light brown. This weaving has twelve warps and forty eight wefts per inch. The banded ends in Crystal and Classic style with main designs of rug being seven differently dressed (four with long skits and three four-length skirts) Navajo women with bodies facing viewer but their heads all pointed the same way in profile.  This amazing weaving was purchased from Toh-Atin Gallery, Durango CO, at the Denver Indian Market on January 14, 2000. This weaving is in excellent condition.