Navajo Weaving - Burnham, 003265

Burnham Style Navajo Weaving "My Love".

Woven by Ursula Begay.

Measures 46 by 29 Inches. 

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  • "My Love" is all hand spun in natural, vegetal and aniline dyed wools.  Ursula is the daughter of Sandy Begay and has spent her entire life watching her mother and aunts weaving.  This weaving is a combination with a Two Grey Hills in the center that has two figures surrounded by flowers and at each end is a corn stalk Yei. The Two Grey Hills is set in a Chinle pattern rug and at each end of the entire weaving is a band of feathers, a signature symbol of the Burnham style. The overall neutral color palette has a few accents like the Yei have turquoise earrings and the couple is dressed with him in a denim shirt and her a burgundy dress.  Beautifully executed with a romantic tale. 

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