Navajo Weaving - Burnham by Laverne Barber, C006937


Burnham Style Navajo Weaving.

Woven by Laverne Barber, ca. 1989.

Measures 25 by 44 Inches. 

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  • All natural hand spun wool in natural and vegetal dyed colors.  This Burnham style weaving was woven in 1989 by Laverne Barber and it has the Two Grey Hills design as the main field. The pictorial elements make this weaving distinctively Burnham,  with eagle feathers throughout, figures below, pottery and a blue eyed bear as the central focal.  Thirty years ago the Burnham style was just coming into the galleries and breaking ground as a unique modern Pictorial style.  We still work with Laverne today and she is always creating beautiful individual one of a kind textiles. 

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