Klamath Basket Ca. 1940s, CBASPPU14-10


Klamath basket dated around 1940s.

3.75" tall

6.25" diameter

18.75" around basket

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  • The Klamath tribes are located in Oregan and made up of three bands: Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin. The baskets made are made out of materials like cattails, willow, tule, cedar, and pine. The materials have to be dried properly or they become warped and full of holes. These baskets have a unique weave because of the twist in the thread. A vintage basket made by a Klamath weaver has threads that interlock. Also there is one other tribe in Alaska that does similar weave.  This basket originates near a area called Chiloquin which is the lower part of Oregon and is dated around 1940s. This is a unique basket to add to your collection.