Katsina - Hopi Squirrel by Tino Youvella, CKGIB21-02

A Hopi squirrel katsina.

Tino Youvella

11 3/4" H X 5 1/2" W 

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  • A Hopi squirrel katsina by Tino Youvella. This type of katsina is seen on all three mesas. It is usually seen in winter and Powamu dances. Youvella is a self taught katsina carver. This katsina is carved out of cottonwood root. He is holding a gourd and sprig in the other. Youvella is known to make his katsina in dance or appear as if in movement. It measures 11 3/4 inches in height, 51/2 inches wide in the front and from the side. It is in good condition and is signed.