Katsina - Hopi "Ahola" Chief, CKJOB21-39

A Hopi, "Ahola" Chief katsina.

15 1/4" H X 6" W 

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  • A Hopi, "Ahola" Chief katsina. This katsina has blacksheep hide as a cape. The feathers are replaced with chicken feathers. It is dated around `940-1950s. This katsina is a hanging piece. There is no artist signature. 

    This description reads:

    Circular mask made from a yucca sifter basket covered with cloth and painted, one third green, one third yellow and the lower third painted black. Black stars are painted on the yellow and green portions. The mask has a wooden beak usually turned up. Fox skin ruff. The katsina wears a white shirt gourd full os sacred water and ceremonial wand. Ahola appears at t he Solstice and Bean Dance Ceremonies and is said to represent the spirt of the Germ God, Alosoka, who controls the growth and reproduction of all things. 

    "Hopi Kachina Dolls", Harolds. Colton.

    Fewkes, 1901, 1903; Voth 1901; Stephen 1936. 

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