Kachina - Hopi Tokoch (Wildcat) by Randall Navasie, CKTHR20-02

A Hopi Tokoch (Wildcat) kachina.

Randall Navasie

12" H X 8" W

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  • Culture: Hopi

    Maker: Randall Navasie


    Materials: wood, yarn, string, faux fur, feathers, metal-like bracelet adornment, leather,

    cotton (around mouth)

    Signed?: Yes. “Wildcat Randall Navasie”

    Tokoch, one of the Angry Katsinas that comes when the community is lagging

    behind on work, has only appeared in Soyohim or Mixed Kachina Dances. He

    keeps people from idling, carrying a rope in his left hand and a switch in his right.

    Second Mesa has a completely different version of this katsina (Wright,

    Kachinas: a Hopi artist’s documentary, 31).