Kachina - Hopi Sikyahote/A'hote (Yellow Star) by Howard H., CKMBG17-05

A Hopi Sikyahote/A'hote (Yellow Star) kachina.

Howard H.

17 1/2" H X 8" W

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  • Title: Sikyahote/A’hote (“Yellow Star” katsina)

    Culture: Hopi

    Maker: Howard H.


    Materials: wood, grass/hay, string, feathers, animal fur, paint

    Signed?: Yes. “Fewkes -XXXVII, Ahote, Howard H. 2nd Mesa, pavlovi” (maybe


    The headdress worn by this katsina indicates that it was possibly inspired by

    Plains warriors. May appear in Mixed Katsina Dances, the Bean Dance

    Procession, and the Plaza Dance. He is considered to be a good hunter (Wright,

    Hopi Kachinas: The Complete Guide to Collecting Kachina Dolls, 114). This

    katsina might appear blue (Sakwa) or yellow (Sikya). Has been known to carry

    roasted or boiled corn to give out to the audience during his performance.

    (Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi artist’s documentary, 170)