Kachina - Hopi Palhik Mana (Water Maiden Mana) by W. Batata and Ellie K., CKMBG17-07

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A Hopi Palhik Mana (Water Maiden Mana).

W. Batata and Ellie K.

17 1/2" H X 11" W

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  • Title: Palhik’ Mana

    Culture: Hopi

    Maker: W. Batata and Ellie K.


    Materials: wood, feathers, yarn, acrylic paint

    Signed?: Yes

    Palhik’ Mana means “Water Maiden Girl,” referring to the substance consumed

    by women when they dance during the Mamzrau (Women’s Society) Initiation

    Dance. Therefore, this is not a katsina, but a figure representing a woman’s

    dance personage. The Palhik’ Mana shares many visual similarities with the

    Butterfly Kachina Girl and with Poli Mana.