Kachina - Hopi Chaveyo (Giant Ogre) by C. Miranda, CKMBG20-07

A Hopi Chaveyo (Giant Ogre).

C. Miranda

16 1/2" H X 12 1/2" W

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  • Culture: Hopi

    Maker: C. Miranda


    Materials: stone, wood, feather, yarn, leather, shell, plastic

    Signed?: Yes.

    Chaveyo may appear any time during spring to discipline young children as well

    as young adults. He is the husband of Hahai-i Wuhti, and their family are the

    Nataskas. Chaveyo is commonly seen during the Powamu (Bean Planting

    Ceremony) or Palölökong (Water Serpent Dance) being accosted by clowns.