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Jerry Lee- Gouache, COALNH15-01


27" L X 22.5" W - measurements include frame


  • Jerry Lee was born 1944 at Wide Ruins on the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona. In 1964 won a first place award in the Scottsdale National Indian Art Exhibition. He later studied under Beatien Yazz, who is a known artist for his flawless 2D works of Navajo reservation life. Jerry Lee signs in his Navajo name: "Hosteen Nex" in his artwork. His work can be found in collections at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona; the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Museum of Norther Arizona. This painting has been painted with gouache (water based paint) on to a mat board. The painting has influence from Beatin Yazz but the color is what separates Jerry Lee's style. The young woman taking the sheep out on a cold winter morning reflects Navajo life nearly a century ago. A elegant painting to add to your collection.